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Hello, I submitted a run to the any% category about 2 weeks ago but it has not been verified yet.
I wanted to ask how long the average verification process is and if it takes longer for people's first ever runs.


It tells you when you submit iirc
I think its 1-3 weeks


My first run only took 3 days, somehow

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Keep in mind that the mods' lives are probably busy and they don't have as much time to verify runs as they did before.

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another thing is that this is a highly ran game so there are many runs the mods have to verify


It really depends how many have the time to do it and the volume that we have. SMB1 is a pretty high volume game and a number of us have been rather busy lately. One or two is having hardware issues and unable to do it until it gets fixed. We are generally allowed up to three weeks from date of submission.

Sometimes runs are verified in less than a day, sometimes it might be a few weeks.

I've been extremely busy over the last several months personally due to work, but if I end up with a couple hours of free time today, I'll see about knocking out some of the backlog of runs.

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Thank you for the answers!


It takes a while, I'd love to be verified instantly because I've seen some guys being verified the same day they submit a run but well, it really depends of their time. We don't know how much free time they have, remember they do this without asking anything in exchange. Patience is required. I'm also waiting a run I did around 15 days ago.


Just wanted to thank valid for busting through this queue. Welcome aboard to our new verifier 🙂

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