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As of now, 4:54.8 (or .9 don't remember). But that could wait a long time since 4:55 was just achieved not that long ago (September 24, 2018). But I think the TAS @supermatto64 posted was the one (according to @Bismuth), has a 8-4 24 frames better than the best ever 8-4 preformed in practice (0:44.?). And 4:54 is very, very hard to do at the moment for any person.


The best time possible yet is 4:54.998 if we play like Jesus

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The time could go below 4:54, if there is a humanly-viable setup for the full flag pole glitch on PAL and if it's not made a seperate category then.

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I'm not sure about that. You're saying the current PAL record can be optimized by 17 seconds? That'd be nice and all, but I'm not sure.

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Yes, PAL wr can be beaten by 17 seconds. The wr is pretty slow not gonna lie. But for sub 4:54 you would need to do a lot. And we would need an easier full flagpole glitch setup as the current one is nearly impossible and as far as I know no one has done it.

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well the sum of best segments for all of the levels completed by a human is 4:55.213, but it is estimated that the wr might not be improved after a 4:55.6xx is achieved. this is obviously not final or anything but these are the "best possible times" we know as of right now. the tas wr is also a 4:54.023 but that uses strats/inputs that are impossible for a human to do.

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If I recall in Bismuth's new 4:55 video the tas that follows all the rules correctly is 4:54.2. But even if 4:54 is achieved, 4:54.2 wouldn't be done for a while afterwards.


This post is concerning the NTSC version of the game.

The TAS limit seems to be 4:57.31 (4:54.03). While it is bold to say that a TAS is perfect, 8-4 of SMB1 has only been improved by two frames since late 2004.

That TAS uses left+right, but without left+right, the fastest the game can be beaten at the moment is 4:57.56 (4:54.28). I am less certain that this TAS is perfect, however, because when I made my version of this TAS, I was close to saving a frame in the third room of 8-4 with more optimized subpixels ($400) compared to HappyLee's version. If the TAS can be improved, there would only be one frame to save.

Here is a breakdown comparing human perfection to the RTA Rules TAS:

1-1: Human perfection has four frames to spare, while the RTA Rules TAS has 16 frames to spare.
1-2: Human perfection has six frames to spare. The RTA Rules TAS has 11 frames to spare through a humanly impossible clipping strategy, however.
4-1: For RTA speedrunners, there is actually only one frame to spare in this level. The TAS, on the other hand, has about 9 frames to spare.
4-2: The TAS can save several frames through more optimized movement, ultimately resulting in saving a framerule.
8-1: Most speedrunners finish the level with no frames to spare. It is possible to save a framerule by performing a fast acceleration and flagpole glitch, saving the framerule with one frame to spare (an extra frame is saved walking to the castle). However, this is rather unrealistic. The TAS has two frames to spare in this level.
8-2: The TAS saves another framerule with more optimized movement and better luck manipulation. My TAS had two frames to spare in 8-2, but it may be possible to save a couple more with a better bullet bill shot and more forensic searching for better luck manipulation. The timer for the bullet bill cannon needed for the bullet bill glitch is located at $480.
8-3: Both the TAS and the RTA record have to wait for the timer to hit 242 before performing the flagpole glitch.
8-4: The TAS saves several frames over both human perfection and the world record in 8-4. I don't know how much faster it is compared to the human theory TAS, but according to Bismuth's video, it was 28 frames faster than somewes' world record.

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