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So I'll start by saying I'm a complete idiot when it comes to knowing anything about what's even in theory possible that's already known about or been tried with the speedrun but as a speedrunner who's probably never going to even try a run for the game but does sometimes thinks of crazy ideas I have a question:

Is it possible to do back to back wall jumps in the game provided a wall is high enough?

As I said I sometimes think of dumb Ideas but am no where near knowledge on the game. I ask the question out of just having the dumb idea of if was possible to climb the wall at the start of 1-2 doing that and if so weather running along the ceiling would actually save time.

My gut instinct tells me it's stupid dumb and not worth asking about, but my curiosity as a speedrunner and as someone who lives to know things makes me want to ask about it

Sorry for bothering with asking what probably sounds like something dumb and probably well known but again I just had to open my mouth and ask after my mind thought of something dumb.


Do back to back wall jumps is possible,but in 1-2,you need to do a trick called''pipe cilp".If you slow down only one frame,you can't do this trick.So you are holding B almost the whole level.If you do back to back wall jumps,it'll be too slow to do that trick

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Ah thanks for the info. Knew about the pipe clip but didn't know if it would be affected or not and since I didn't know if back to back wall jumps were even possible it wasn't worth even thinking about the pipe clip until I knew that answer.

Again thanks for taking the time to answer a semi dumb question.

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running along the ceiling is possible without wall jumping though anyway, as mentioned pipe clipping is a bit faster


Not a stupid question at all. Everyone has thoughts and sometimes would like to share them. It's possible but very very difficult. As mentioned before me, clipping into the pipe at the end saves time over doing these wall jumps. First, you would have to wait for Mario to fall while the timer hasn't appeared yet. Next, after it does, you would need to move to the left and do insane inputs to get a wall jump pixel twice in a row. Finally, you would need to actually get yourself on top of the ceiling. This just loses way too much time over just going straight forward through the level.


look at the end of this Lol It will truly answer your question


To answer your question,:
This video is the TAS for the category "10 walljumps"

And in 1-2 in this video, you can see that climbing the wall is indeed possible, but no, it doesn't save time


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I think its safe to assume that with SMB being this optimized unless we make any major discoveries Runs wont get lower than 4:01 at best.
Although its alway nice to test out stuff its impossible to save time by climbing the wall.


4:01? did you mean 4:51? But even though you meant 4:51 I guarantee you that 4:51 won't happen, a more reasonable time would be a 4:53.914 MAX without the use of L+R.

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4:52 should be possible if someone is committed enough to learn how to do pal ffpg. Save to assume it will not happen anytime soon. But i wouldnt rule it out.


Don't ever be afraid to ask questions! The only was to learn is to make mistakes and learn from your peers- especially when speedrunning. Anyone who says other wise is a jacka$$ and isn't worth your time.


YES it was meant to be 4:51 😅 but uh yeah never be aftaid to ask questions xd