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I recently found out while playing that if a game over happens on World 8, a+start can be done to send the player to World 8 even after the game is reset, and until another game over happens or the console is powered off. The rules make no mention of whether this is allowed. This causes me to have some questions:
Is this allowed in Any%?
Is this allowed in 11x Any%?
Should there be a separate category allowing the player to use a+start to start their run at 8-1?
Should the Any% rules state that the player must start at 1-1?

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It IS allowed in any%. It's allowed because it's not a game genie code, it's a built-in developer intended game code.

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Pretty sure it's allowed as it is an in-game feature, like clack said.

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not only any%, it's also allowed in Warpless

I imagine the reasoning for that is, aside of being a built-in code, using it means you game overed, so you're losing time anyways. It doesn't provide any kind of benefit over not dying

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I asked a mod before submitting and they told me it IS allowed and they doubt one day they would ban it. My current Warpless PB in this game (from a year ago LOL) uses it.


if they used it to trick the mods into thinking that they did a wrong warp type thing, then yes. it's banned in that sence. but even then, you have to show the reset in the run so that can't be done without splicing, which is also banned.

if you use it to go back to a certain world after game over, then yes. it's allowed.


I got this question answered the awesome way, by submitting a run that got rejected! My curiosity is satisfied.