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So, I was recently skimming through Breath of the Wild Speedgaming server and I had an idea to create the Super Mario Bros. Speedrunning server. I looked it up on and there wasn't any. So, I began working hard to create a server. I finished it!!!
So, I am finally done, but just read the rules first!! Make sure to read the rules!! So, I am glad to announce, the Super Mario Speedrunning server!!

Here is the invite link:

OK!! So, there are roles on this server and if moderators are reading this (and have Discord accounts), then I want you guys (along with me) to be admins and mods!! You can be runners, too.
So, that is what I have to say!! Please join the server and hopefully it will be a success!!

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Well, I understand that the server you sent me might be for the whole Super Mario series, but mines is a lot better!! Like A LOT BETTER!! It has so many things on it and is literally only focused on SMB1, so it is for the 500+ people that speedrunned this game!!! Please join everyone.

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I hate you all.

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