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So, since OpenEMU for mac is allowed, i was thinking that mobile emulators (ios, android) shall be allowed as well. They are pretty damn accurate, sometimes turn out to be more accurate than pc emulators. The problem is no one really investigates in documentating these emulators accuracy. So here i give you two good examples of mobile emulators that shall be allowed : Android - Nostalgia.NES Ios - Delta Both of them never lagged when i played smb on these, tried pal, ntsc, and jpn version all running well even compared them to pc emulators and the difference is slim to none. So, can someone who has one of these devices could investigate these emulators? Nostalgia.NES is available from play store, however in case of Delta you need to download appvalley and install it from there. I think that these emulators do not really have a lot of difference from pc ones, so why couldnt they be allowed?

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well, talking from personal experience, I can say that retroarch on android is allowed. I can't speak for any other ones though.

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Why bother playing on your phone when you can play on pc with real controllers?

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Here is the thing tho - you can also connect controllers to mobile emulators

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Right now, mobile emulators are not allowed since they are to inacurate.

EDIT: Seems like retroarch is allowed, since it has a nestopia core I guess.

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Provenance for IOS has a fceux core, how about that?

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There's a few points I'd like to make about this request.

- Until there's enough demand for it, we don't generally go into deep investigations to add more platforms, especially ones that we aren't really familiar with.

- We like to have legitimate documentation from reputable sources regarding the accuracy of potential new emulators. "It seemed fine to me when I played on it" doesn't really cut it for a game where individual frames are significant. Do we know the framerate? Does it emulate lag properly? A prime example is ZSNES. It's pretty universally banned because it does not lag in places where console would, therefore giving an unfair advantage to those playing on that emulator.

- I personally think that we allow an adequate number of ways for folks to do speedruns of this game. Console, several Windows/Mac emulators, VC, Switch, NES Classic and we allow you to submit runs with webcam/phone recordings if you don't have a setup to use a capture card as long as the recording is still good enough for us to be able to time your runs properly. There's plenty of complaints that we even allow webcam recordings of the game at all, but we still continue to do it anyway.

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@roopert83roopert83 well, the only point with im a bit disagree is that with "Console, several Windows/Mac emulators, VC, Switch, NES Classic" is not needed to add more;
Maybe there are people who´s only have a mobil phone to play it, is a strange case, but it can be as well

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@KilleDragonKilleDragon the reason that the mods don't allow emulators like that is because the emulation itself is not accurate. The current emulators that are allowed are the ones that simulate NES gameplay the closest.

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Also emulators on mobile is pretty sketchy

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But there is still one question... if i use gba emulator on mobile it wont get disqualified, since there is no specified emulators for GBA, right?

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That's not how this works, if it's not on the list of approved emulators then it is banned.
Just use a solution that follows the rules and you'll be fine, it's really not that hard.

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