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I got into minus world ending speedrun just now and when i do the glitch ( with the big mario ) in the 1-2 , i arrive in a water world, withouth the princess and bowser , not like the others Speedruns ...
Any body can help me ?

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Hey Bebert!
Happy you decided to go for Minus World Ending attempts.
For the glitch to work, make sure you're playing the JAPANESE version of Super Mario Bros.
That trick doesn't work on the (U) version of the game. If you do that there, you will be taken to an endless water level.

Best of lucks!

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Thank you very much ! The japanese version is downloading 🙂

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Glad to read 🙂
Any questions you have, don't hesitate to write here on the forums 🙂

Have fun!

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What a wholesome thread!

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