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When I timed this run I thought he got lag frame on BBG, since I had been told lag frame occured when the screen shook. Having this in mind, I found the pattern on the spreadsheet (4:57.543) and added 1 extra frame for lag.

But it turns out he didn't get lag frame, which would make the time 1 frame faster and a tie for 5th place. Can a moderator please change this time to a 4:57.543?

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You can't tell whether or not he got lag frame from the video because it's only 30 fps and dropped the frame if it existed. SMBMAST3R says they got lag frame it's probably right to believe them as it's just honesty to make their time more accurate for the leaderboard.

If SMBMAST3R can confirm that they did or did not get lag frame, we can change it. As of right now though we're going to stick to their words on the submission, "I got lag frame on BBG which wasted a frame but the 8-4 was absolutely insane!"


Well we asked xx_420_blazit_xx afterward and he confirmed SMBMAST3R did not get lag frame.

The only reason he thought he got lag frame is because I was told it occurs when the screen shook (which was wrong lol). So when I retimed I told him to put in the extra frame, but like 10 minutes after it was submitted, blazit commented on the video saying he didn't get lag frame, with video proof.


The video was in 30FPS so there really is no way to objectively confirm there was or wasn't lag frame.


doesn't lag frame occur depending on the score? is there a way to check if the score would have caused lag frame or not?


I believe the score just changes the likelihood of lag frame and isn't a definitive indicator


Right, but did we check if the score even lined up for a possibility of lag frame?


Yep, which means he couldn't have gotten lag frame.


We have been discussing this.

Is there proof somewhere that this rule is 100% accurate?


We could always ask Sockfolder if the rule is 100% accurate.


We could also watch a bunch of the runs WITH lag frame and check the score to see if the rule was 100%.


I seem to consistently get lag frame in the FPG rom for some reason LUL