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I believe almost every "seam" in bricks can be clipped through. It's how "4-2 blazit" and fast 1-2 work... it's also how fpg and full fpg (bbg) work, by clipping into a block. And the 4-4 clip in the new warpless WR.

None-the-less, it's always satisfying to do.

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I haven't seen this outside of the practice rom. Not sure if it's possible in the vanilla game.

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Physics should be exactly the same in the @pellssonpellsson rom vs the actual game as far as I know

Edit: based on comments below, my above statement seems to be not true, at least for this particular version

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That's a bug in version 5.x of the pellsson rom. Doesn't occur anywhere else

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Yep I've also had this happen on pellsson 5, but nowhere else.

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