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1. It's a glitch
3. bruh

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Don't talk to me like that. I asked about walljump pixel not about walljump.


No, you can't even touch the pixel it's illegal. insert sarcasm here

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Let's not overreact. Banning walljump pixel would be ridiculously stupid, since it can happen by accident and it doesn't even give you any advantage.

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Well, GTAce99 said in one of his streams that you can't hit the pixel.


Jumping off of walls is considered a glitch because the developers didn’t intend for it to be possible. Hitting the pixel is not a glitch because it can not be used to gain an advantage on its own

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banning hitting the pixel would be ridiculously stupid just because of the fact that it can happen on complete accident. Now if you accidentally jump while you hit the walljump pixel or if you do it intentionally, that would be banned. If gtace said it was banned it was probably a joke.

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You would never have this apply in glitchless in 8-4... Because why would you jump there?... However in 1-1 underground you can often hit the "wall jump" pixel while falling, and in the turnaround in 4-2 to the pipes you can often hit the pixel. I feel fairly certain both would be allowed in glitchless... But I'm not a mod


I've always thought hitting walljump pixel at all was banned and have reset in 4-2 if I've accidentally hit the pixel (even if I didn't lose the framerule because of hitting it). Honestly I don't know if that's actually a rule or not, I've just never risked it.


Given that a 14 year old in 1985 that started playing the game with zero knowledge would probably hit the pixel multiple times during a few playthroughs (without knowing what was happening) I would think surely it's not a "glitch" in the spirit of glitchless category. It's too common accidentally with normal playthrough.

Additionally, it actually costs you time rather than benefitting you in any way.

Now... If you use this mechanic to JUMP on the pixel then you're in the "glitch" territory in the spirit of glitchless category.

These are just my thoughts

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@DarpeyDarpey is right, this is just a abnormality in the game but it is not easy avoiding this. To be honest, I don't know how people from that time would have taken it, as a glitch? or as a abnormality?


The rules we have are essentially taken from the TG rules, except for the timing which we changed for the sake of consistency.

Neither ruleset mentions that you can't hit the pixel, only that you can't do the walljump, so in that case, you should be fine.

@LtKuchuLtKuchu "Bruh," he asked a legitimate question. My tolerance for this kind of crap is rather low.

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