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Because I had very much SMB videos, I need to informate you that my youtube acc and videos were deleted. I don't know the actual reason, but it said "This account is blocked for numerous or serious violations of Terms of use of YouTube, including concerning spam, deception and introduction of users to delusion." Most of my TASes are on my computer and most of my RTA runs are in twitch highlights, but some of runs were completely deleted.


That makes no sense because none of those things are true. I've watched your videos, there is definitely variety, you're honest, and, what, believing and expressing your religion now is not allowed? I'm pretty sure being Christian and sending your messages out is accepted by society.
bruh google

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I don't know, maybe it was something else, like music in old video, which was banned just today. Anyway it is really not making any sence, because I never lied.


I don't want to be so critical, they did a lot of job for this site, but for my opinion I didn't do anything wrong. Specially the copyright rules for music are just not honest at all and ruining a lot of creative projects. Owners of music not receiving any money from blocking videos, just a good video is lost. Anyway, this is not exactly what we need to talk about in this forum, but good advices for me will be appreciated.


I think I know what could be possibly wrong, what I started to do recenlty is under SMB videos inviting people to go to my discord server, if they want to join mt warpless TAS or SMBDQ-er. Youtube not allows content fraudulently redirecting the audience on other website. Probably that what could count as "introduction of users to delusion"


I've seen hundreds of youtubers tell people to join their discords. There's no way it's that. Possible false reporting? Is there someone who tends to dislike a lot of your videos?

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My no left+right TAS had 15 likes and 0 dislikes, so, I don't think so


OK, so another reason could be a link to google drive for no left+right TAS, in description and comment, and it looked like deceptive way to bring to other website, because I said that "full" version of video aviable only on google drive, because of music. This might the most realistic reason of it.

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I can send only one appeal and I didn't send any useful justifications for my channel in it, so I think my youtube channel is gone forever.
"Check showed that you broke the principles of community. On our website spam, deception and fraud are not allowed"

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People have been banned like this many times before, I just hate that they show no apparent reason as to why, if they could actually show what they did wrong (which they didn't, in your case) then the issues would be resolved.

However; it seems like you've been using copyrighted music for a few of your videos, so that is probably the most likely thing, but they labeled it as what you said before, so the most likely guess is that full version link.

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The problem is that in some videos with copyrighted music stayed for years without ANY warnings, like only I could image that it is copyrighted by myself. And some makes your account banned immideately wihtout second chance to remove this composition, this is bad. Actually, when I first time uploaded the video actually to the youtube with video, it was deleted, but it said that youtube channel is perfectly fine and it didn't effected it.


After I wrote an appel, they wrote - "your account gonna be still blocked, because of our principles of community and Terms of use". I can't make another appel. What a disaster. What a disaster. I give up.

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@mrmedozlasmrmedozlas. I agree that I did a lot of mistakes and self-promotion or egoistic things, I'm sorry for them, thank you for reporting me. Forgive me, guys.
Obviously I made this thread, because I have more then 200 hundred youtube videos about SMB and some people actually cares about them, because I had near 100 subscribers. I wanted to informate people. Yeah, I tied TAS WR's and I know it was much less work then new WR, but is fun for me to try myself and I don't think that time gonna be beaten anyway, so why not to go for same time for fun? I don't think personal attacks are allowed in this thread. And I would be really happy if someone told me about his small achievement, even if it is not serious is general and even much smaller then mine. Of course I'm not as talented as best speedruns or TASers, but, honestly, for me there is nothing bad at another TAS on this forum, when it have even small difference, which you, maybe, just not understand, as you are not TASer. Even a newcomer who can't get run through stairs at the end of 1-1, should be able to write about his progress in chat until the streamer himself willn't tell him to shut up, I think. Thank you for telling me that again.
I pray that me and you will be nicer persons in future. Wich you the best!
Edit: I always told in my TASes, who actually founded this improvement and I didn't want to take their jobs and say they were mine. "Tied WR" also needs to not promote myself, but to informate people, which time is it, because some TASes have different timing. Sorry, if it is justifications again.

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And I have to write another post here for anybody, who watched my videos - my channel had 362 videos and if you remeber few that you liked much, please write the title of it here and I will try to re-make them.
I already know that some people liked PAL vs NTSC TAS WR comparison and PAL TAS WR on 60.098 FPS. You can re-make them yourself, by the way, if you know how, until I will know where I can upload my videos.

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Wow, this got heated fast.


@zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony it is unfortunate that your YouTube go deleted. However, this isn't really the place to start a discussion about it. There's nothing that any of us can do about it. That issue is between you and YouTube to sort out. I'm just going to lock the thread instead of deleting it. I may very well delete some select comments though.

@mrmedozlasmrmedozlas we're not tolerating comments such as the one you posted in this thread. You don't have to like the guy, but that doesn't make it okay to make such an incendiary and hateful post. Hey, I don't like every single person in the community either, but you went way too far on that one. That's a scenario where you should just keep it to yourself or express it somewhere else.

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