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Recently I tried to find a flagpole glitch setup in 8-3 by walking at the beginning of the level and beginning to hold B on a specific frame. I found a setup, but it wasn't very good. The next day, Pallidus found a much more effective setup.

Begin by holding right and NOT B. Start holding B on the frame shown in this image:

You can know if you did it right based on the enemy patterns in the level. Specifically, the first set of hammer bros will have 1 in the middle position, and 1 on the bottom, and the bottom hammer bro will throw two hammers. Here is an example of the enemy patterns after arriving at 8-3 on an optimal bullet bill glitch run:

It's important to note that if you interact with enemies as you go through the level, later enemies will act slightly differently.

Optimal framerule with killing first 2 bros:

Optimal framerule without killing bro on second set:

DevilSquirrel did additional testing and found the results you get if you hit B on different frames:

4 frames early: DB0

3 frames early: E30

2 frames early: C50

1 frame early: CF0

perfect frame: D70

1 frame late: DF0

2 frames late: D60 (This frame works!)¤

3 frames late: CB0

4 frames late: D30

5 frames late: CA0

6 frames late: E50

Notice that pressing B 2 frames late is also a working frame! Here are what the hammer bro patterns look like if you happen to press B 2 frames late:

And if you kill both bros in the first set:

¤Unfortunately the patterns look identical for pressing B 2 frames late and pressing B 1 frame late.

All of this data is only accurate if you start 8-3 on the right frame rule and if you do the inputs on the stairs correctly. Note that with the main B frame it's possible to get D70 and D50 (shown in the videos), while only D60 is possible with the 2 frames late setup.

TODO: Add videos for unoptimal BBG patterns.

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Hold on, is this for the -3.62? Or the -7.12?


Of course it's for -3.62, this is from a year ago.




i found a new setup which will allow you to do a full jump before the inputs.


@sullyrox What full jump before inputs? At the very beginning of the stage or at the end? Happylee setup where you do full jump at very beginning I actually find is difficult since letting go of right for no more than 2 frames is actually pretty difficult vs just pressing B on the perfect frame