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epic nice find gtace

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How on earth does it save 2 framerules? doesn't FPG itself save less frames than a single rule?

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It saves two because in the normal way of doing it you have to slow down to miss fireworks but if you use FPG then you slow down a bit anyway missing the fireworks

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@periwinkleperiwinkle ooooh yeah that totally makes sense - what a fantastic place to do FPG - for a full 70% of a second

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This could help improve the 18:59 Warpless

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@HUMANRAC3HUMANRAC3 I highly doubt speedrunners will go for this, there are other time saves that are more worth going for.

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Which saves would be more likely for runners to go for at the current time? @B1GEY3DPYTH0NB1GEY3DPYTH0N

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I couldn't tell you off the top of my head, but I don't see people going for this yet. Not saying it won't ever be used, but I feel that there are other timesaves that should be done instead.

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@B1GEY3DPYTH0NB1GEY3DPYTH0N usually i'd agree with you... but it's a TWO framerule trick that takes place in the first third of the run, which is pretty sexy at the level of optimization that the top 2-3 runners are. Also, the only really "hard" trick done before it is 1-1 fpg - and a couple fast castle levels... seems like a logical next step to me

The bigger issue would be whether or not Kosmic / Ace (or whoever else joins the sub-19 capable crew) CARE to push warpless... since the 18 minute thereshold has been broken. It's psychologically cool to break into the 18's... it's less rewarding to push an additional half second for a TREMENDOUS amount of effort.

That being said, I hope either of them please please please do it... it's super entertaining to watch.

Even if it's a difficult trick... it effectively replaces TWO tricks in another level... AND it's in world 3 - which is still relatively early.

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First off Kosmic took a bonk at the beginning of the 2nd room in 8-4 in his 18:59. There are other FPGs are can be done in other levels, since there was only 1 FPG done. And BBG can also be performed if runners can find a good framerule for a good bullet bill shot.

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@Mars02Mars02 the problem with BBG as I understand it (which admittedly is not fully) is that there are two places to do it... the shot in world 7, and 8-2... world 8 saves two rules and AT ITS BEST is only 50/50 chance of success... and practically is at best like 25-30% (and that would be an impressive success rate)... and it's world 8... ewwww... and the world seven is even worse... only saves one rule

This proposed trick saves two rules in world 3

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Yes, I was mainly replying to the "This could help improve the 18:59 Warpless"

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i suspect the first people to attempt this in runs will have their handy spreadsheet nearby by, and when entering the level will think... "hey, i could go for this to get back on track for better patterns."

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@DarpeyDarpey BBG can be more than 50% consistent if you're good, CoinToss is just a factor that makes it harder and not something that constricts your consistency
It's all about you hitting the bullet on a good frame and at a good spot

Ok otherwise I wouldn't be able to get BBG 10X in a row (or 5X in a row starting before the plant jump). If getting CoinToss was 50/50, then the odds of someone getting BBG 10X in a row while doing everything literally perfectly every time would only be 0.09% (0.5^10) or 3.1% (0.5^5) for 5X in a row. I don't know about you but those are super low odds and assume you're a robot with everything but CoinToss.

then again maybe I should keep my mouth shut
BBG is thicc and not lucc

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