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i don't know about this wr. he beat the record by a full .2 seconds, and he did have a 4:57 prior to this, but it's unlisted.



Because one of you guys are going to ask for them, here are the splits he uplaoded to

There are actually 8000+ attempts in there


alright here we go, i have input file to prove there are no splices, and that you can see the inputs are sloppier than if a tas were doing it, dark linked the (thank you) and i did fast 4-2 because i cannot pull off 4-1 fpg for whatever reason, and i havent submitted any runs lately because ive just been running it for entertainment because my 5 flat got declined because people thought it was tas, so i havent really been running it seriously after that until now, also the emu i used was bizhawk, any other questions that i can possibly answer, ask me about it

input file:


i would be more hyped and care alot more about this but i know mods are not gonna believe it so ye


Anti screenshotted some fake attempts, can you explain that? @Keys


Anti, I looked at the splits and I seriously doubt anyone can start and stop runs that fast. There are still 1500+ legit attempts over the course of 9 months in there.


lol what anyways I think cheating is pretty pointless, does look a little suspicious but grats.
The split times are just insane though, did you use like a turbo to start and stop times lmao?


Why would anyone have an input file of their run anyways?


ViruseReturns, various reasons. One of them is allowing the run to be reproduced, so inputs can be inspected.


Mods have probably not even seen this run yet.


My question is
@Rusto and @anti

you guys don't run the game??
What authority do you guys have lmao


its called a deep knowledge of the community, i'd say i know my fair amount of Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom but i dont run it 😛

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i'm good friends with keys and i can vouch for his determination and the validity of the run, and im sure purple and grape can too. he's been in a voice call with us multiple times and HAS 3 4:57s but did not upload them because he was tired of getting called a taser and splicer, he runs for fun and happened to get wr, manix05 can also validate this run as well, and zypher mentioned bfbb, a frick ton of people there can vouch for him as well, i will attempt to disperse any rumors this run is faked

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i can also tell you that immeaditely after the run, keys messaged us in our private vc freaking out in happiness, and why would someone do that for a 4:56 TAS?

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