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Hey guys,

I'm struggling a bit on 1 frame jump on 8-4.

I found an easier way to get 366 on the room, by tapping left a bit when falling (in the middle of the fall).

It removes the need for the first 1 frame jump ; remove the plant on the 3rd pipe (2 koopas) ; wall jump seems easier (but i don't know if it's 1 or 2 frames) ; still 366 on the timer.

Would it be suitable to do over 2 frames walljump ? Does it save substantial time over 2 frames walljump (at least 0.1) ? Is it 1 or 2 frames walljump ?

Vidéo :

Thx for your advices 🙂. GL


Where are you actually tapping left i is it immediately upon entering the room or during the fall over the lava pit?


During the first fall at 2 sec, in the middle of the fall (like after 2 blocks after entrance pipe).
If it's not in the middle, it won't get 2 koopas and no plant.


If I recall correctly:

Unfortunately, this isn't a consistent walljump method - this has been attempted by some other runners that I know of, but none of them can consistently get the walljump to work when pressing left there (because of subpixels).
Yes, this is faster than 2 frame walljump, but significantly more inconsistent. I'm not sure how much time it will save - it depends.
This can be either 1 or 2 frame walljump, depending on the subpixels.

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As far as I know, Kosmic’s execution at the trick in his pb is the fastest method.

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Ok, sad, thx for the answer.

But is pressing left the issue with subpixel ?
Because it can be done by not holding right during the fall too.

And i know it's not the fastest, i try to find an easier way to save time over 2 frames walljump.

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unfortunately 2 frame setup is the only decently consistent way to get walljump. (unless your muscle memory is good enough that you can consistently get 1 frame)

i think lekukie has posted a 3+ frames walljump method? i've never had success with it, but maybe i'm not doing it right

edit: i'm told doing it the way lekukie does is faster due to the backward jump if memory serves

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LeKukie has a slightly easier 2 frame walljump setup that gives you even more frames on the jump, as @eddiecatgamingeddiecatgaming says.

You do two frame setup as usual by walking off the first pipe and pressing B mid air, jump to hit the pixel at a usual spot, and do a backwards jump at the pipe instead of a forwards jump. By doing a backwards jump, Mario clips slightly into the pipe, which gives you more frames to jump as you're in the pipe for more frames. It also makes the walljump faster as you are turned backwards after jumping off the pipe, which makes him accelerate faster after the jump.

Here is a video comparing the speed of the two walljumps

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tHaTs sIcK


I tried that too, but i've been told that it changed the subpixel too to get 1 frame jump instead.
I'm not sure how people agree about actions and their subpixel impact.

Aniway thx for the tips.


You can do what me and taven do and do a fast accel.


@AkruaAkrua I don't understand why people do a fast-accel in the walljump room. At most, it only saves two frames, but it also makes your subpixels worse. Doing that in an actual run seems kind of redundant?

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@HitzCritzHitzCritz Taven does walljump room fast accel because he is better at it than one frame jump. How can you be more consistent at ~3 frame perfect inputs than just 1? I have no clue. I guess fast accel involves a more consistent rhythm for him or something. Plus, he gets good walljumps with most fast accels, so subpixels aren’t much of a problem for him.


@AkruaAkrua Why you shouldn't do walljump room fast accel:

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That’s so good!!! What was the final time?


I redo what he described and it is not a 2 frames setup but a 1 frame


Aniway, after many tries, couldn't rly be consistent on no plant (2 koopa's). But thx for analysis.
Guess i'll just train on 1 frame setup.

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So I was testing streaming to Twitch from OBS this evening and was playing SMB1 mostly casually. My last run I managed to squeak out a 5:04.64 time. @lokiwiderlokiwider I used the wall jump method you posted in 8-4. IMO it definitely makes hitting the wall jump pixel easier as long as you get two koopas to spawn. Ignore my mistakes in the run; for instance I didn't even bother with the 8-2 slowdown over the gap.

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