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Hi, I'm trying to run this game on mac and Nestopia is allowed, but I also own OpenEmu which is far better to train myself at this game. In OpenEmu's settings, it's shown that the core used is Nestopia. So does this emulator count ? Or must I still use the Nestopia app itself ? (I'll prefer usin OpenEmu by far)


Sorry if the question has already been answered btw


OpenEMU is allowed, but you should know it runs at a slower framerate meaning runs will be slightly slower.

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I believe OpenEMU runs at a slower framerate. Most NES emulators run at the same exact speed as the nes which is 60.0988. I am pretty sure OpenEMU runs at 60.00 fps and not the full 60.0988 If you want your speedruns to be faster I would recommend Nestopia.

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OpenEMU is fine and we will accept runs on that. As the other guys said, just be aware that the framerate runs at a flat 60FPS, so unless you're getting near sub 5 times, it's not going to be that big of a deal.

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Would using and NES Mini count, thinking on getting one and really curious

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Yeah Nes Mini counts but it also runs at a slower framerate meaning your times will be slower. This shouldn't matter if you are not going for times around sub 5 minutes. There might also be input lag with the Nes Mini but I'm not sure.

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Most things are allowed except for clone consoles, just stay away from those.

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Thanks all for your answers, I'll use OpenEmu to train (because there are no savestates on Nestopia) and I'll use it to run as well until I have a decent time (I've not finished a run so far so...)


Another question @roopert83

I'm running the 1-1 level and I'm very consistent at it (not hard tbh) but I still make times 2 seconds slower than the bests time (without glitch), even if my jumps are really near from being perfect. Is that because of my emulator, my rom, my loading times or something ?


29.7 or 29.8 seconds should be the time when the screen goes black. 30.1 would be if you missed the optimal framerule. If you're getting slower than that consistently you might accidentally be using the PAL version rather than NTSC

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@KingOf_JonnyBoy as I mentioned before, I'm running on mac and the Mac version does not 🙁


@Darpey I get like 31-32 seconds I will change my rom I think


@evilrok The newer version of Nestopia for some no good reason has no savestates WutFace
I use Nestopia v1.4.0 and it has savestates