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Using my xbox controller but the dpad is really stiff and the buttons are kinda awkward to hit at precise timings.

What are some good controllers to use on an emulator


Can you link me which snes controller you would recommend? Theres a lot on amazon


I know the buffalo SNES controller is a popular option:

What I use when I use EMU though is any of the controllers from 8bitdo, their controllers (especially the snes one) are very high quality, very highly recommended:


I use the Buffalo Snes controller mentioned by Mav, It is fantastic.


I ended up ordering the buffalo snes controller thanks for the help


You will be happy Corny, it's a good controller. Im gonna look into the ones Mav listed, they look pretty awesome fo sho


the 8bitdo controller i had was terrible tbh, but i can confirm that the switch controller is superb


Is there any way to put a real nes controller on a computer ?


Im sure theres an adapter somewhere?


I think its best to buy a new fake controller (so it works great and so it isn't expensive) per and plug it in the adapter OuaisMaisNan mentioned in the comment above.


When you get it corny, let me know what u think. Westside!


Buffalo snes controller is great I'm loving it. Had it for a little less than a week now


well, when it comes to controllers, REAL runners use the keyboard.


I think, keyboard is very nice controller for smb1, I'm normally doing most of tricks and flagpole glitch also on keyboard. I can't only 1-2 or 4-2 clips, but it can be my own problem. So don't care about best controller, after practise you can be fast on any normal controller.


I prefer keyboard over anything. I've tried Xbox controller, but it's really hard to do backward jumps with the giant d-pad.


cornycows said it is ok, let's stop suggesting new ideas and lock this forum, huh?