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Not exactly new. How the Wrong Warp works, and I am sure that Darbian or somebody will correct me if I am wrong, is that you move a certain distance away from one "warp" the next warp pipe will load in memory regardless of where Mario is on the screen OR which pipe that he went down (the previous pipe or the next one).

I am going to link Darbian's tutorial of 4-2 since that is where I got most of the technical information about the wrong warp.

Edit to amend that in your video, Mario went too far away from the right warp pipe, causing the next warp pipe in sequence to load into memory. Because you still had the right pipe on the screen at the time, when you went down that pipe, you were sent to the wrong area in the sequence.

Edit 2: Also worth noting that had you been successful in getting to the right area, this would have been the same technique that you would use to get to the water section.

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kosmic does this all the time when practicing walljump, it's so you can redo the room with the correct setup, etc.

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