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Hello people.
I think I have finally concluded the fastest possible time from a human that is possible. Here are my calculations:
Human limit: Time 4:55.580
How it is possible: with this, long calculation we can conclude this.
22+21+10 fames that is 0.882 seconds saved in total from darbian in 8-3 beating our current world record by 21 frames + if lag frame was avoided so that is 22 frames already. the end of 1-2 has a glitch by clipping in the last pipe -21 frames. 8-4 was beaten 10 frames quicker than the record so that is the human amount.

It has been theorised that a human could potentially beat 8-4 5 frames quicker than ever. This is from "human Theory" by HappyLee.
If this was somehow saved it could be
Theoretical human limit:

Human limit:

So yes, my old record rejected from the no exit was actually a TAS, sorry.

But this information is now critical as it is coming close to the end of a new world record for super mario bros. So all of us should go for this. If anyone was legitimately able to beat the theoretical human limit, go for it.
Thanks for reading and take this in mind.


Uhh, did you take this straight from Bismuth's video? Temper your expectations, that time will be very tough to reach.

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You've tried submitting TASes in two different leaderboards already. We also already know the information in this post so it's completely unhelpful. Just quit doing dumb shit and I'll have no problem with you, but as long as you keep submitting TASes and making stupid forum posts I'll be all for you getting kicked.

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@Quivico who the fuck is Bishmuth?

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@Francesco Well now everyone will know if something is a TAS or not. Alright?

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@SMG69 If someone just busted out a 4:55 today it would be scrutinized to make sure it isn't a TAS with or without this post, unless it was by a very renowned runner who had been streaming attempts like Kosmic or Darb. When I said this post was useless, I really meant it.

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I'll link the video for any people who happen to stumble on the thread, though it's pretty clear you've seen it already (video makes a tiny error where the theoretical human limit, properly rounded, should actually be 4:55.497)

Great video, watch it again if you have the time. Should make it clear why 4:55 will not come soon.

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@Quivico huh, never knew that existed. anyway's i thought the current world record was a TAS and some of the hardest tricks where preformed in after not too meany attempts.


That was the attempt counter for THAT specific day.

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@KingOf_JonnyBoy Honestly. I don't care anymore since I'm only cumming (xdddd) back on a new account once I get a top 3 run (thats real) I'm pissing of anyways.