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Idk about everyone else but I can get the 4-2 clip consistently and have gotten my first fast 4-2 with it see here:
and mav6771 has gotten fast 4-2 with it also...
maybe it will be used in future runs? hopefully this helped in someway or another....

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This looks interesting


Definitely not harder than 1-2 clip. I've done it for a while now and have gotten at least 30+ fast 4-2s out of it.

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But it sure takes some practice. Pro runners can deal with it, though.


I think this strat is really great! After only a little bit of practice, I'm getting the 4-2 clip much more often then the 1-2 clip, although I've extensively practices the latter for weeks now. Also, saving the frame rule in 4-2 is much easier then saving the one in 1-2 (I just got my first ever fast 4-2).

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Just for me clips like that or fast 1-2 are absolutely impossible now, also I think that even if 2 backward jumps strategy not as consistent, it is easier for beginners to do fast 4-2 first time by 2 backward jumps.


Finally learned how to clip it good. Also got "376" pipe with it.
It can really be more consistent then 2 bumps, but, probably, pretty much harder for beginners.


Where do you jump, and what are the inputs frame by frame. Could someone show us a frame by frame tutorial, like someone did for 1-2g


There is few variants of inputs you can do. If you can't do it in RTA, try to test inputs in TAS. I'm not sure about frame by frame inputs. But you exactly need to press R+B for all frames at this level before the trick. Then try to do jump for 4 frame from start of block with second coin. Stop press right. Probably there is 2 frames to start press left, when Mario near the wall.
For real time setup, continue press left, You can jump, as fast as you can, when you land on the brick and as more jumps as you can, and as fast as you can. That can make you more easy clip. If you are sure that you can do it sometimes, try to do only 2 or even 1 jump at the brick for fast clip.