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Today I got bored so I decided to make a TAS to see how many A presses you need to complete the game. My TAS has 116 A presses (not 100% sure) , does anyone know the lowest number of A presses needed.

Where could I improve the TAS?

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idk why but it comes to my mind that maybe pal might be better for even this category. idk why. i think maybe its because of the enourmous amounts of clips you can do

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I guess I beat that by 1 A press. Does anyone know where it could be improved?
I might make another one on PAL to see if it helps

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Wow, nice TAS! 😃

Some improvments, in order of the most easy to the most unknoweds:
- For sure: in 8-4, you start the water section pressing A at first to go up, no? So, well, what you can do is to just maintant the A button pressed while entering the pipe, with this you just start like if you press A, and you realy avoid the press, so is -1 on A presses
- Probably: also in the 8-4 water section, at the final part you click in total 3 times to reach to the pipe, and it seems like that its posible to do it with only 2, but no sure
- Doesnt know, maybe: in 8-2 at the start, you press A 3 times until the spritn, so, only as a idea, maybe it can be do it in only 2, no?

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Okey, I been proving it:
My fail the 2nd one I mentioned, but for sure the 1st one yes, and the 3rd one also is posible if you reach to the top with just 2 jumps of 2 A presses and then you run avoiding the death
I prove it in video (filles realy prepared before to prove it)

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Thanks, the turnaround strat works and so does the beginning of 8-2, but you still need to press 3 times at water exit.

I guess that brings the total down to 114 A presses

1 more question: Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a rom hack that displays the A button press count? (like the abc challenge sm64 rom hack)

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@xenon04xenon04 so all nice
And, well, i doesnt know to do room hacks, but, well, knowing what the people do, I can imagine its perfectly posible and very easy to do to the counter up every time you press it in a room hack, no?

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i think i counted the A presses in my TAS wrong

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i found a way to do 4-1 with 11 A presses, i saw you do 13

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I managed to find another A press save (ignore the lost fire flower LUL)

@AllenbotAllenbot how?
Edit: @AllenbotAllenbot is it by entering the pipe (saves another 2 A presses)

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Update: I think I might have done it in 111 A presses:
10 in 1-1
10 in 1-2
11 in 4-1
9 in 4-2
22 in 8-1
14 in 8-2
12 in 8-3
23 in 8-4

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Is that water section really optimal? I would've thought it would be better to just walk on the ground

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Me and @AllenbotAllenbot got 110 or 109 on NTSC

btw @Losalexanderos421Losalexanderos421 that tas is still very improvable but gj

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