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Why is there not a 100% for this game? Its simple, Complete both quests warpless. If this is added it should be in the main game category and not the category extentions because come on, its a 100%. It needs to be a main category.


I know there is a both quests warpless but I think it should be moved into the normal catgories and be called 100%. My mistake if my first post was a little confusing


So you’re saying any game that has 2 player that isn’t simultaneously played should be on the main boards, called 100%. Lmao. Real question do you think the same should happen for smbtll

  DarpeyDarpey I know artism already posted a link to the ce page in general but here's a link to the exact category you're referring to. It works perfectly as a category extension... That's what the ce page is for

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Anyway 100% in SMB is like collecting every coins, grabbing every power-ups, killing every ennemies and all that both quest.
A nice 5h category

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I understand the sentiment behind it for sure. However, since the game gives an ending after one completion I disagree. Lots of NES games give multiple loops with harder and harder difficulty as they progress. If it were setup like Ghosts 'n Goblins I would agree with you though.

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