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Back then, it wasn't even considered possible until AndrewG found glitches that save massive amounts of time. He then became the first person to achieve a time under 5 minutes in any%
Now, 9 years later, a full 100 different people have their sub 5 runs verified on this leaderboard!
This is the 100th sub 5 run btw

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Yes, really nice, almost at same time, when my youtube chanell got 100th subscriber, lol.

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Here's a screencap of Summoning Salt's smb1 any% video - 2 years ago

TWO YEARS AGO, that's not THAT long ago

4:58 put you in SIXTH place
4:59 put you in 16th...
and 5:00 put you in 19th place O.o

To compare to now...
4:56.6 puts you in sixth
4:57.4 puts you in 16th
4:57.6 puts you in 19th
and of course, as of this posting
4:59 puts you in 100th place

In this time, user @Pallidus moved from 7th to 67th

7th to 67th


Mario has really come a long way in a relatively short amount of time

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When I started running (April 2017) 100th place was around 5:13.

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Thanks for putting that together @Darpey This is very impressive. GGs to the community! ❤️

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Between 2017 and now, approx. 500 people have joined the SMB1 community. Since when I started, there were around 300 any% runs, and now there's 800.

Our community is growing fast. 😃

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Sub 5 was proven possible about 7 years before Andrewg got it. He didn't find any massive timesaving glitches, just ways that he could implement already known glitches. Just like xx_420_blazit_xx did not find wall clips, just an RTA viable way of doing them. Also, sub 5 probably would've happened sooner if TG didn't hold Andrew back from doing glitches for a few years.

Good job and congrats to everybody who has achieved things in SMB1 🙂

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Yeah I didn't use @roopert83 as an example on purpose 🙂 - but 22nd to 130th is pretty insane.

But, I think we can all agree that if roopert spent a teeny amount of time grinding any% he'd pb

nudge nudge ❤️

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thats absolutely insane. not sure how many there were when i started speedrunning smb1 in august of 2017, but there were a lot less than 100 lol

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In 2017 there were over 300 runs, what do you mean less than 100?

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Now when the hell are 100 people gonna achieve sub 20? We're sitting at 60 which is still pretty good but you know. We need more.

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Wo, i remember when i started in late 2016 there werent even 200 runners on the lb

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i remember getting top 100 with a 5:04. boy how this game has come a long way

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When I first started running SMB1 a year and a half ago and was just messing around with AISSON, I never thought I’d get a sub 5, much less be the hundredth person to do it. Its amazing how much fun this game has been for me.

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i remember when my time used to be like 20th place, now its like barely 60th i think. shits wild

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