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I hope @Kosmic or somebody can provide some insight here.

Kosmic just beat the Glitchless record with a 5:03.716. His old record was 5:04.099. If I'm doing the math right, that's 23 frames.

I think he was on the same framerule.....which means he would have beat 8-4 by 23 frames. Is that possible? I know the previous 8-4 was really bad, but this one has room for improvement too. And I compared the Mario positions when the timer goes to 310 just before the axe, and it doesn't LOOK like 23 frames difference, but maybe that's not a valid comparison.

Or am I wrong and he wasn't on the same framerule entering 8-4?

Thanks for any help!

New record:

Old record:


all the timesave is in 8-4. there were just plenty of frames to save

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