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The mods have hundreds of submissions to verify every week. They do this as a hobby, not a full-time job. Your run won’t be verified on command.

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I hate to agree with a verification complaint, but there have only been 2 any% runs approved within the past ~2 weeks. That doesn't add up. There must be something wrong with mod functions on the site itself.


@trapmixtrapmix why don't you contact one of the mods individually and ask them if they could verify your run? That's what I normally do if it's been a long time.
Most of the mods are streamers and I would bet a lot of them would prefer streaming to verifying runs 24/7.

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Ah shit, here we go again ...

The mod team has actually kept the queue at 0 for a long time until recently. August is quite a busy time for most people (I know for me I have to balance college, work, and still find time to stream) and if everyone is busy then it will take a while for the queue to start being lowered. Mods are always doing stuff in the background as well to make sure everything is in order. Retiming runs can be a long and tedious process (especially when the site doesn't cooperate). When the queue grows big, sometimes it can be intimidating to go through it, but we will get to everything eventually. Keep in mind this is not our job, and we sometimes need to focus on actual life for a while. Complaining about how long your run has been sitting in verification never gets anywhere and just gets everyone into a fight in the comments. Just be patient please, that's all we ask.

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If someone want to throw me a fresh $500 that I need to make this weekend, pay my bills and organize the new house I moved into, I will happily go through the entire queue myself and verify all the runs.

Otherwise, I'm not available until next week to dedicate time to verifying runs.

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If your goal is to get a run verified surely there is a wiser way to go about it. Politely asking for an ETA, inquiring about someone to contact, even nicely making a post is not out of the realm. But angrily bashing a group of volunteers isn't going to help your cause.

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I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out this week, but it turns out the dentist was wrong and I don’t need them out.

That will free up time for me to go through the queue this week and knock out any outstanding runs of more than a few days.

After that I will be out of commission for a month while I visit my brother twice in September across the country, who has terminal cancer, then preparing for GDQx after that. So I will be unable to verify all of September.

I’ll help get the queue down to a reasonable size this week.

Locking this thread.

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Looks like the original poster deleted the post.

We'll get through the queue, like we always do.

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