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(EDIT) It was intended to be a TAS but i can show that its possible to do this clips RTA on PAL. not the fpg (it was just fot fun)

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Yes, definitely not using a game genie code. I'm not believing this, not even a little bit.


besides, you were using a tas, or else it would have said the # of frames and then (no movie) or around those lines.


It isn't. It is completely possible on any version of the game without modifying anything. And just because it shows how many frames the rom has been on for and the play movie thing doesn't mean he's using a TAS. You can make those work when not in TAS mode.

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First off these clips shown off were possible because he is playing on the PAL version of the game. Pretty sure they don't work on NTSC.
Secondly, it is clearly a TAS. There was even L+R being used. However I don't think he was claiming this to be RTA.

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The thing he did at the flagpole is possible in ntsc. But not the weird block clip he did.


Yeah I agree this is not gonna end in a good way I feel.

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Locking a thread seems to be a mechanic used for stopping threads that either clearly violate rules or are inappropriate in some way. Locking a thread like this whose worst problem is that it is non-useful seems like a bad direction to go down. Unless possibly the same person posts over and over and over. You definitely want to encourage new players to ask questions. imo locking isnt the right move. You can just not reply to threads you don't find useful, or just say that it's pal or been done before, etc... and leave it at that.

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