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Since this has just been released, discussions within the moderation team need to be made before we determine how we will handle runs played on the Switch. Any runs that are submitted on that platform will sit in the queue until we figure out things such as the framerate, lag accuracy, etc.

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Ok thank you


i was just about to post a run.


Does the glitches work on the switch version?
I'm thinking on giving a try (I'm still a beginner) but I don't want to waste a lot of time trying it, to find out that the glitches don't work on it


And? Is the Switch version allowed?


The glitches do work.


And do you know the framerate yet? I guess it’s slower, but I’m not sure.


They will probably tell us when they know the framerate. By watching some livestreams I think the framerate might be a lil slower. My guess is that it may have the same or about the same as like WIIUVC but dont take that solved because I have absolutly not a clue about that stuff. 🙂 But bcuz switch Version is new I Think that most people that submit runs with SwitchVC are also new players so you dont need a perfect framerate at higher Times. I would say you need a good framerate when getting to like a 5:02 to 5:05. Thats where its getting harder to save time.
Good luck to everyone who will do runs on Switch! 😃

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I'm just getting into running this game, and the switch inline version is the only version I own. As far as I know it runs in 60 FPS, and all the glitches work. Since it's just an emulator running the ROM, I don't see why it shouldn't be accepted.

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"As far as I/we know" doesn't really cut it with the framerate and the level of optimization of this game where hundredths of a second are significant. We need to be reasonably sure.

In any case, I have done some testing and calculations tonight. I'm hoping to post an update on a decision sometime today regarding SMB1.

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