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This demonstrates the 3 possible Mario Sprites that are shown once mario starts falling into the Minus World pipe.
The 1st one is a sprite that I've seen on -0, -1, and -2.
The 2nd one Always shows a -2 unless you have a noticeable bad clip and happen to get this one.
The 3rd one is the only sprite that ever appears when you get a -3 for a perfect entry to minus world.
This knowledge I guess is about almost as useful as telling whether or not you get Good Judges in 8-1. But I think it is cool to bring up.

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good work Roy. So what I could tell, the sprite takes on the following appearance for each clip:

clip #1=both his legs are together/vertical
clip #2=both legs are spread/horizontal like he's jumping over something
clip #3=his back leg is out but his front leg is vertical

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