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Mines super out dated and the quality blows. Any thoughts for console users?

  DarpeyDarpey - "I-o DATA USB connection video capture GV-USB2"

roughly $35 (United States Dollars) on Amazon

It's what I use, and I think it's what Darbian uses, and probably a good chunk of other runners that use console. All of the instructions AND the install CD are in Chinese, so it's slightly tricky to install (but not that bad), but once it installs it works great.

It changes the RCA cables (red white yellow) into a USB signal that OBS can detect under "video capture"

You will obviously still want to PLAY the game on a CRT (or whatever you have been playing on), since there is a sizeable delay to change the signal, but it works great for streaming the video.

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Awesome. I do play on a's the only way to go. Thanks for the input man.


The GV-USB2 is indeed what darbian and quite a few others use as well. I'm still using a Dazzle DVC-100, but I'll likely buy a GV-USB2 if this one dies on me. It's currently working fine so I don't have the justification to switch at the moment.

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if you want to go to a cheaper price buy an EASYCap they are like 9 dollars

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Quality options:
Low - EZCap
Medium - Dazzle DVC-100, Kworld DVD Maker 2
High - gv-usb2 (Not cross platform)

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Well he did say that his capture card is outdated and the quality sucks, so I feel the last thing he wants is an EZCap haha.

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Thanks for the input guys. Ordered Gv-Us2 last night for 30 bucks.

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