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Ive been really invested into minus world ending recently. Ive gotten the warp from 1-2 pretty easy. My one problem is on -1, trying to get the FPG. Is there a ROM hack that I can use that starts in the minus world? I saw @Kosmic use one during a practice stream, and i would find it useful.


Wait, you can go to minus world on the pellsson rom?
I don't think there is a rom hack that just immediately takes you to the stairs, so maybe what you want to do is just pull up some sort of game, and then make a savestate before the stairs to help you practice
If you don't have savestates then play on emulator kappaS


The pellsson rom doesn't have the FDS minus world or the non-ending minus world it takes you to the underground in 1-1 which is now underwater. Also, kosmic was using a rom hack made by somewes not sure where to get it tho FrankerZ

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i asked somewes for the ROM a while back and he sent it to me. i recommend just messaging him and asking for it.