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Since this issue has been occurring time and time again and especially with this game, I thought I would raise attention to it here.

Various users, many of which are from the SMB1 RTA community, have submitted TASes of SMB1 that do not follow important guidelines on TASVideos. Some of those guidelines include:

1) The movie you submitted did NOT beat an existing record. In the vast majority of cases, the movie is not beating the existing SMB1 warps record by HappyLee (4:57.31). Human theory TASes are also not suitable for TASVideos publication.
2) The movie you submitted involves a category that offers very few differences from the existing categories. Examples of this include the SMB1 no left+right category, which does not offer many notable differences compared to the conventional warps category.
3) The movie you submitted involves the use of cheat codes. The use of Game Genie codes is forbidden for submissions.
4) Your movie features noticeably suboptimal play. A decent amount of effort is required to be put into submissions. For example, if you are bumping into walls or (for this game specifically, not performing a flagpole glitch) for no good reason, that is a sign of suboptimal play.
5) You have submitted a TAS of an SMB1-based ROM hack that does not offer unique features compared to the original game or other existing SMB1 ROM hacks.

For reference, you can look at these links to see the long list of non-published SMB1/SMB2J submissions. Chances are that they were rejected for one of the reasons that I listed above.


I am not discouraging people from showing off their work, but if they would like to show off their work, they should use websites such as YouTube or the TASVideos userfiles section instead ( If you are planning on submitting an SMB1/SMB2J TAS for publication to TASVideos, make sure that it follows the guidelines. In addition, I recommend that you guys share your WIPs so others can review it.

Thank you everyone. If you take what I have put here into consideration, it will make our work easier.

Maru, TASVideos Judge

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Thank you very muich, but I'm not sure if anybody else, except me submitted no left+right or something you are talking about and I was wanted to meet TASvideos, without really caring about will movie be published or not, because it is not my decision.
"In the vast majority of cases, the movie is not beating the existing SMB1 warps record by HappyLee (4:57.31)", what you mean by vast majority? So there was a TAS that beating this record, lol?


Pretty sure it means that most of the time runs submitted break that rule specifically and the others break a different rule.

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