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Just a quick demonstration of the strats currently used in my PB and in the WR by GTAce99 along with a strat that I found that will allow for a consistent way to get the optimal framerule to World 5 to get there 1 framerule faster than the current WR.

How it works:
1. Get the fast clip
2. Jump pretty much anywhere in the wall to bump Mario backwards a little. (This is to avoid dying to the first plant and still line up the timing perfectly)
3. Do a small (snap) jump at the very edge of the first pipe then hold down to go through the plants hitbox to go inside by 249. (Although an extremely high 248 will work as well.)
4. Win cointoss in order to not die.

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Congrats to GTAce99 for using the strat from yesterday to make a "perfect" WR in Beat 5-4! This video is an update to that strat to make it so you don't have to worry about cointoss and still be fast enough. Sorry for all the dead runs GTAce went through that could have been avoided with this.

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"all the dead runs" = 1 run OpieOP

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