Super Mario Bros. Forum  /  Any% Tournament 2021 in JP comunity (Sep 11, 8pm(JST))

There will be an Any% tournament hosted by JP comunity.
If you are interested, please join us!

The tournament will be held in the following format.
- single elimination.
- The seeding is randomized.
- held in one day.


Note that the timing rules are different from this leaderboard:
- Timing starts on pressing Start on the titlescreen.
- Timing ends when Peach's finishing speech has finished.
- Highscore is used as a tiebreaker at second ties.

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Reminder :
Registration close is Sep 11th, 0am JST(Sep 10th, 11am EDT).
If you are registered, please join Discord. https:/​/​discord.​gg/​tPxkXfT

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Ah poop... Want to get back into SMB1 I did the Japan tourney 2 years ago and it was SO much fun, too bad I missed this one.

When's the next Any% tourney?

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