@fattypenguin I know, if you are forced to stream but cant, how is that supposed to be fair?


Let's just wait what the mods have to say about this.


This isnt a democracy, its up to the moderators and what they believe is the right decision, we have to respect that.

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My thoughts:
I don't think the point of streaming was to prevent anyone from submitting a spiced run, TAS, etc. but was a way to verify that someone had put in the effort and has the skill to get a good time. When you stream attempts you have actual proof that you know how to play the game due to the hundreds or thousands of attempts it takes being shown publicly. It's more of looking at the bulk of someone's work as a whole vs. just meticulously inspecting one run to prove that someone isn't cheating. It's very apparent if someone streamed a bunch of horrible attempts, can't do a single pipe jump or whatever, and at the end played a 4:58 TAS. No one who's going to submit a TASed run is going to also make and stream thousands of other TASs of failed sub 5 attempts.

To offer a compromise and I think someone has brought this up before: Instead of streaming attempts we could have the option of just recording our attempts and uploading them to youtube for verification. There could me a minimum amount of attempts required (like 2 hours worth or something idk...). In the end there's little difference I can think of between streaming all your attempts or just recording them in terms of proving that you know how to play the game. Streaming is just live. In fact there's nothing that prevents someone from recording all their attempts and then streaming them back at a later time with how the current rules are. No one could tell the difference.

I don't think it's easy as people think for the mods to spot a standalone spliced run that's submitted. Particularly if it's done on emulator save states. If it's done properly it should be indistinguishable from a legitimate run.

Whatever the rule is, just make it objective. It's a slippery slope if its handled on a case by case basis where the mods would have to decide on their own if someone is trustworthy or not. I feel like it would put people who aren't vocal in the "community" at a disadvantage.

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Like RCD said, the problem is trust over time. The excellent point raised by many people is that data caps are somehow allowed to exist, or people live enough in the middle of no where that it is impractical to stream.

So what to do?

The web cam is probably the best idea. Mostly so that over time you can see some consistency across runs, some natural reactions, and some demonstration of skill over time.

This is definitely a problem that extends beyond Mario, so it'd be interesting to think about what can be done as a standard everywhere.

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If darbian were doing attempts offline and got a PB, then no, we wouldn't accept it. Sure he's trustworthy but the rule at hand isn't only for specific people. I have gotten a PB offline (4:58.691) and it wasn't accepted because of that.

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You can resubmit with a legitimate speedrun video for any of the runs that you have previously submitted.

Some words of advice for you.
- I can't think of any game that would allow the use of savestates. It has to be played all the way through. If you game over, you may use continues using Start+A on the main screen for SMB1. That's fine.
- If you have questions or something isn't clear about the rules, please ask. We're more than happy to answer your questions and we get asked questions frequently.
- Don't spam us with multiple submissions. It doesn't speed anything up. In fact, it slows us down. We get your submission the first time and we will get to it when we can. There are currently 27 runs awaiting verification and SMB1 is a popular game these days.
- If you make a submission and realize you made an error before it gets approved or rejected, you can click on your username at the top right, and view profile. Then on the left click on "pending actions" and you can see your submitted runs. You can go back in there and edit it.