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If I won't win to tour, and I would want to buy a cart like this, how much would it cost me?


- I would want to compete in this tournament.
- The format does make sense
- I am in Central Time Zone so I just convert it and if it is late I'll just change my sleep schedule.
- I would definently want to do Warpless tourney. It is enough time to do one
- I believe that this is a fun way to give them away.


When is the tournament?



Happy to hear that so many want to compete! If you can't tell from my lack of presence, I've been insanely busy these past days 🙂



Quick update

Ok looks like we'll be doing any%, as it has the higher demand.

The unfortunate news is that I have to postpone the tournament two months 🙁 Sorry for this. We'll be on vacation this entire month, and then we're moving to a different city the month after. While the tournament could run even if I was away, I discovered a problem with two of the carts having faulty RAM-units (I think). So I need a couple of days to debug, order parts and resolder everything before the tournament 🙁

New date for tournament is: September 12, 2020.

In the mean time, please REGISTER (with PB to qualify two groups) at:



Is Emulator Ok? Yes of course.


@Superetro64Superetro64 "If I won't win to tour, and I would want to buy a cart like this, how much would it cost me?"

Assuming the demand isn't too high I wouldn't mind making them in exchange for the parts (Ultima Exodus donor cart + EEPROM + Battery + New caps + Paper, so ~20 USD EA?) which would be cheap enough. The problem however is the shipping which makes buying so much more expensive 🙁 First ship components to Sweden, then from Sweden back. Can be investigated further post tourney.


@KilleDragonKilleDragon "also, a bit hard to send the card if you are from sweden and somebody of america or japan win lmao"

International shipping is a fairly solved issue in 2020 🙂


Thank you 🙂

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This has incentiviced me to grind any%!
(Also I love the captcha)
What does handle mean? (Oh, It means a nickname, sorry.)

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@pellssonpellsson Thank you for answering

Also, I don't have a PB, so I will just say, I nethier have done FPG, 1-2 Pipe Clip or 337 BBG.
I have only done fastest (without fpg) 8-1, and even then, only once.

Also also the captcha was really hard, LMAO

Also also also, how is the tournament going to work, 2 players compete, the one who got first to peach goes to next round, repeat until there is only one person left; or people have X attempts to do their best time and the one with best time wins, or is it another way?

Also also also also, GL for everyone 😃

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How Will You Handle Game Overs?
For Me, The question is for me. 🙂

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I recently got a new PB in any% (5:01.17 --> 4:59.65). Would this change the group I would be in and if so, would I be able to change it?

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I got a PB now (6:13.XXX), can you please change it, because I cannot unregister on my old time?

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