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I've looked into this for a while, but I can't find anything. Could someone explain how to figure out how many frames need to be saved in a level to save another framerule?


Every 21 frames is a frame rule


Well yes, I know what framerules are/how they work and all that. What I'm asking is if you're looking at a run, how would you tell at the end of the level exactly how many frames behind the next fastest framerule you are? Like, is there a certain point in the level transition that the waiting frames get applied?


in pellsson rom, under "R" in the top right corner, a number is displayed at the end of a level that refers to the number of frames left until the next framerule. it loops from 0-20, with 0 being one frame away from losing another and 20 being one frame from saving another framerule.

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If you're just looking at a video of a run, then it might be kind of hard to tell exactly how many frames off of the next framerule a particular level was (depending on the framerate of the video etc.).

If you're looking at a RAM watch, and:
• the level ends in a flagpole: Look at the value at address $77F (framerule timer) on the frame that $796 (or sometimes it'll be at $797, $798, $799, or $79A) gets set to 6, and that will be the number of frames remaining in that framerule;
• the level ends in a warp zone: Look at the value of $77F on the frame that $7A0 (black screen timer) gets set to 7, and that's the number of frames remaining in the framerule;
• the level ends in an axe: Look at the value of $77F on the frame that $7A1 (world end timer) gets set to 6, and that's the number of remaining frames in that framerule.

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Thank you both! RAM watch especially helps a lot for TASing. I didn't know about that before.


hey guys! i want to start speedrunning but i only have my laptop and i dont know how to record my gameplay to submit my runs. Any help?


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