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Most people who run / tas this game know of the flagpole glitch. For a long time and even today this glitch is still not RTA viable (technically).

In late 2015, DoorTK became the first person to come up with a setup, and perform the glitch in real time on emulator. (You can see the highlight here:

After that people stopped testing for the most part. (darbian had done a stream where he tested doortk's method, which was unsuccessful)

I decided to pick up flagpole glitch in February, and came up with a set up that worked consistently. (For the movie file:!GVAnGCzb!5iCjGHOJoZCDF0MH7JrPf3w9D2TWCUb_N1gC4A55uWg)

Then I got that setup on emulator from the sky.

After taking a break for a month I got back to it and got it on Console in real time.

Even though I was attempting to use the same setup. I managed to do the jump inside the block different than what I did in the setup. (Movie file for that:!DQAxgB6Z!exaIrB_KXYXlcrc6_c3Y1Yjw9ZeHLCVLGYx_JgmVbEI)

Final input file:!6AgU3BzY!RWxp7mzE_DEGruytr4rzV3RE4aWUFwjDCNpqCzmGT3A

Easiest inputs for the clip itself I could find.

Update! Savestates have now been successfully created for both powerpak and everdrive!


Everdrive N8:!aQZwEZ6Y!MnQef5c-A1Df9BgyKvyS6S4_eMAL-9P0ZIlWJmNxVZk


UPDATE: Sockfolder has successfully found a set up for flagpole glitch that is much easier, if anyone wants to try flagpole glitch, watch this tutorial.


(Tutorial from nickj, quicker and simpler explantion)

Link to a practice rom in

Explanation of rom

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With sockfolder's help, flagpole glitch has been made a LOT more RTA-viable. It's really exciting to see as well, this thread now than ever needs more attention.

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I've been looking around trying to find out about achieving the FPG but not getting the frame rule, I know darbian has talked about it during his attempts but I was hoping for some exact numbers. These were my first two successful completions during runs and both times I missed the frame rule.

Am I correct in assuming that I just have to do either the underground or the actual FPG execution faster to get the frame rule?

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Normal video
1 day before that happened, I streamed and got the flagpole glitch, but stream was dissapear from twitch.
Now I have twitch highlight and Bizhawk input movie file. Even with some problems with creating highlight, because slow computer.
Emulator + claviature.
Also my Any% PB is only 5:08, when I did it. And when I got firsy bullet bill glitch, my any% PB was 5:37.


@Demo You need a faster underground, faster flagpole glitch inputs wouldn't even result in a successful glitch.


You did a serious necro post here - confused the heck out of me as I was reading mav's post (from a year ago) about a "new" fpg setup.

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