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EDIT : Like excepted, something was wrong, was using the PAL Version. This thread can now be ignored, <.<

I started playing SMB1 2-3Hrs ago (watching darbian any% guide) and he explains that to be faster by 1 Frame Rule you need to do only 2 backward jump and bump on a wall instead of 3 which is not safe since each "bump" move your X position at max by 10, which you need twice to get a X position of at least 132 which then after, to enter in the pipe, will need to be frame perfect.

So, slow method = 254, fast one = 255, Right? (Not 100% sure since 1 time = 20 frames and the Frame Rule is 21 apparently)

Current WR and Second Place use a 3 "bumps" method and enter the pipe at 254.

Testing stuff, I am currently using a 2 "bumps" method that , from multiple testing, give me a X position of minimum 133 and on average, X of 136, up to 139, which make the frame perfect pipe entrance not that hard since it does not need to be pixel perfect anymore.

I would like to know if the video below with the setup, is valid or did I forgot some factor that I do not know about this game that will make this 2 "bumps" setup invalid for a run.

I am a little confuse because the setup is so simple and stupid and it is way easier then doing a triple backward jump and should be faster by a Frame Rule compare to the current top records of this game.


Oh, alright so I was not crazy then, there was something that wrong about it, in a way.


Just to clarify, this works because the PAL version speeds up Mario to account for the slower framerate, so bumps give more pixels. Due to slower cutscenes, though, the game is over 10 seconds slower on record pace, despite some levels being faster or equal to beat.


Yea, it is what I found out after i_o_l respond to this thread.

The first point in darbian's guide was to talk about versions, but he just said that all version for any% are equal but he probably was talking about all USA/Japan versions are equals and because of it, I did not take the time to check the version I was using.

There is also no section for SMB1 for PAL run (Which some game do) because, like you said, around 10 sec difference is probably not worth it to create a new section for it. And there was another reason I just thought the version I had was fine.

Anyway, thanks for the information c: