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Hey guys,

Just started getting into mwe and I've been using the big mario method of clipping into the wall at the end of 1-2. When I was looking through the leaderboards, I noticed some runners doing a clip with small mario right in the middle of the wall. I'll link someone's run on the board to show what i'm talking about.

Is there a setup/tutorial for this clip? How much harder would you say this is compared to the big mario clip (which has been pretty easy)?

Thanks a ton.


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Hey Crit! There's a setup that you jump the frame you land and play the rest of the level without slowing down. I know there's another way but I don't personally know it. Hope this helped 🙂

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Thanks guys!

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@LiQuifyLiQuify That's the first 1-20 blazit setup that was found and used, which Kosmic was the first one (I think) to implement in Minus World Ending runs
You do a frame perfect B press to setup for this one
JoshKeys does not do this setup. Though I'm not sure how much TheCrit will care about the setup but good to link a 1-20 blazit setup
@TheCritTheCrit The setup he does is to land on the ground not holding B, then to land on the first pixel of the powerup ? block, and when he lands that is when he holds B again. This setup is slightly slower, which is fine if you're not going for uber quicco times. It's actually the same setup that the smb2j lost levels any% players are doing right now as opposed to the B press method they also have access to.
This the easiest setup, but slightly slower
I personally find anything that doesn't rely on luck to be easier than something that relies on luck (big mario clip kinda relies on luck because you need good subpixels wich is r) while setups like 1-20 blazit and 1-2g are fully under your control and you can MAKE those good subpixels happen.
However, big mario clip is probably the easiest if you're not uber gucci at hard triccs like 1-20 blazit or 1-2g, because it's real simple and basically anyone can do it so long as you get the basic idea and get lucci boi.
So, in conclusion, it is harder, but it saves time. So if your time is not that good yet, you can stick with big mario clip until it's hard to improve your time, then switch to a harder setup like 1-20 blazit (either B press method or the walk until land on ? block then run) or 1-2g.

thicc boi

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