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I decided to investigate ways of saving the 4-2 framerule, and I found this method, which happens to just barely be possible without any double fast accelerations.

The TAS saves the framerule with 0 frames to spare, so the execution must be extremely precise, but I think this might be feasible with a minimum of 3 segments (the two bumps, the pipe entry, and the warp zone). Four or five segments may be more realistic though.

It's slower than clipping into the top layer of bricks by a few frames, but it is much easier to perform bumps than to perform that clip. Perhaps someone will be able to perform that floor clip at some point, but we have to build up to that, it seems.

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Well it’s a good method for people who are trying to go for 4:56

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Why would anyone go for this to get 456? It would be easier to go for pl8-1 on a 456 run than do this lol

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How did you manage to get down the pipe 2 frames faster than KingOf_JonnyBoy? He made a proof of concept that it was possible to save 4-2 framerule with 2 bump, and I've tried to replicate that in TAS and I was struggling to go the same speed as him. How did you go faster?

This may be the most viable 4-2 TAS framerule for now
@Mruns05Mruns05 This is a good method for anyone trying to get every single framerule in smb1 any%, or maybe 454, maybe.

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This is a great discovery good job

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Oh oof you right, I don’t know what I was thinking lol

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This is good for people who want a 4:54

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awesome find, just awesome

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Alright, after watching it again: That first bump doesn't look like a normal bump. There's some crazy left-right-left-right shenanigans going on there (to get 11 pixels out of that bump?).

I'd be very surprised if anybody actually got this RTA, but we'll have to see.

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Good point, I didn't thoroughly look at video to see how hard it really was
It still might be the most viable method

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i also noticed the 3 frame right release after the bump, but that doesn't seem to be as bad

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Um. The first video showed a 376. This video did Not. You did get Hella close, but still not quite to the point of a new frame rule. Please let me know thou if you get the 76. My only real thing to help this Community is human spliced segments so a new Framerule would be nice.

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