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Isn't this just happylee's setup? He found this over a year ago.

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@ScrimsionScrimsion This is a significantly easier version of the happylee setup, which was filled with frame perfect right presses and releases and left presses and left releases

Although, the problem I'm finding is that I'm going pretty slow, the fastest I've been able to get out of the before the warpzone is 8-C, and finish the level with 8-H, which is 6 frames slower than the minimum speed needed to save the TAS framerule. Am I missing something? Can you show this same TAS but on the pellsson rom showing you getting the framerule?

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Lul_ecks_dee are you stopping on the pipe as described by the video?

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0:30 are you forced to do a 1-frame left-tap after a 1-frame switch?

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