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Hello everyone o/

I'm writing to you guys to ask you about some visual cues or swimming patterns to get a good Full Flagpole Glitch on the water level -1.

My last PB got it, but I slowed down for a bit until the timer hit 232. Now to improve that, I want to do it on 234 and I'm looking to do the correct swims, to land as close as possible to the pixel required to do the FPG.

I'm having a hard time looking for a strat myself. I think I know where to do the swim for the glitch, but I don't have a good setup to land there, and do a fast swim to avoid fireworks 🙁

Any ideas, tips, guides would be really appreciated.

Have a good one!
Good luck 🙂

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Congrats on your 2:34!

Here are the visual cues I'm using:

1) Try to line up the top of Mario's sprite with the top of the left cloud before the stairs:
Swim on that frame (press and hold(!) A).

2) Do another swim when Mario is in the middle of the other cloud, i.e. quickly release, repress and hold A. Mario's head should be barely above the cloud, see here:

3) Perform a third swim when Mario is above the koopa:
Hold A until Mario starts to move downwards.

This should set you up correctly for the Full FPG. Mario's vertical position doesn't need to be exactly like in the pictures, and there is quite some leeway for the three A presses. Here's a video of me using this setup in a run:

You might want to hold D+R when you touch the ground right before the flagpole. It makes it less likely to get fireworks. For some reason, I get the Full FPG less often when I press D+R, though. Hence, I don't press any direction on the D-pad. But with the setup described above, I'm getting fireworks much less often as I used to anyway.

Good luck!

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Heyo Marikh! o/

Thank you for the congrats and the good luck ♥ Very kind of you!

And holy cow this is really useful! Thank you again for this very, VERY detailed answer, I'll try to give this tutorial the best possible use, and try to go for a low 2:33/2:32!
I'm used to press no directional buttons at all for the glitch, but since my setup was really bad most of the time, I'm not able to tell if that's good or not (for me at least), so I'll be going for the D+R strat after I learn those swims.

I greatly appreciate these tips and the effort you put into it!
Infinite thanks!

Best of lucks to you as well!

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