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I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this matter
The more details the better

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Tottaly possible, but only if someone put years of work into it, the only problem is the 4-2 framerule, that wasn't ever done still today, only a slow version of the clip part of the framerule by Kriller, I can see the 8-1 TAS framerule being used, and a much better 8-4 but 4-2 is yet to come. In my opinion I think it will be possible on the near future, unless we find a easier way of getting the 4-2 framerule, it's gonna take some time to even be done on practice, and then more time for it to be used on runs, and then much more time to get a succesful run with all those framerules being saved and then getting a very good 8-4.

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Or maybe if somehow people got consistent at 8-2 extra framerule save, we could also see it done in runs

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I say no - unless qualitatively new strategies come up. But... I said 4:55 wouldn't happen by a human. And it's happened by two, so...

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I mean 4:54 is already proven to be possible but it's very safe to say a human will never achieve such a time with current knowledge. The extra 4-2 framerule is just too hard for a human to pull off at all, let alone on a WR pace run. The extra 8-2 framerule also isn't gonna happen. I'd say without a doubt that a low 4:55 is the human limit and the WR will never get lower than that unless new strats are somehow found.

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I could definitely see someone in the distant future pulling off the 8-1 framerule save in a run, so I believe that a low 4:55 will eventually happen, but the 4-2 framerule save is likely going to never happen - HappyLee's method is just ridiculous and KingOf_JonnyBoy's method looks potentially too hard to be done in runs as it's just 2 bump 4-2 with fast accels and an even faster pipe stop

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If talking about single-segment, it is not possible, but honestly, 4:55 and 4:56 are also not possible, so maybe we will see another miracle.

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@zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony I'm a little confused, there are 11 people that have gotten 4:56 and better as of today, what do you mean 4:55 and 4:56 are not possible?

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@Mars02Mars02 he was saying 11 people have gotten "4:56 and better" including 4:55.

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But it is. I think, if I understand "single segment" correctly.


It's possible, please lock this thread. The answers will not be any different than previous answers. Yes, it is humanly possible to get a 4:54, but it is quite improbable with the current strats.

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@SuperSpeedRunnerSuperSpeedRunner This thread does not need to be locked, there is nothing getting out of hand. I want to see as many opinions as possible here, and see how many people believe it's possible and how many people believe it's impossible.

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@Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee I meant that current top speedruns of SMB are so hard that I don't bealive they are done without a miracle. I don't bealive human's skills can do any if them