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Is it possible to use a cheat code that gives an infinite number of deaths, or is it prohibited?


As counter-intuitive to speedrunning this game as that sort of cheat would be (ie: dying = slow), I'd say it would still be prohibited.

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for practice certainly, but for runs, no cheats

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The thing is that this cheat does not help in the race, ideally, to get at least into the top 700, you need to pass the game without ever dying. And why not make a table in additional categories, for example, "Cheat codes%" where you will need to win using any means.


why would you need infinite lives if it doesn't serve any purpose?
Also, you can finish the game in a frame with cheats lol, so not happening

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i mean it can be cool to have the cheat lol
but ye for runs is not going to be allowed
and even in warpless, is true that dying that much in a run isnt realy ideal if you want a minimumly competent time so isnt something to discuss a lot about it

anyways, pretty sure you can find ez the geeko code in internet
you can also find also with the ROM map the value that gives you lives and create a cheat to make it always be 99 lives, if you know a bit about it


by the way @Artur_Kirienko_121Artur_Kirienko_121 that reminds me to this

i did that some months ago lol

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IF its to play all alone then sure but for actual runs no, the same rules apply to Multiplayers games. Any form of cheat codes is prohibited. Only glitches are allowed and in some category, certain specific glitches are banned.
Remember kids cheating is bad!

Why am i talking like Some old wise man?


@SleepyReshiramSleepyReshiram or like a twin galaxies referee Kappa