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hey @pellson i dont know how to patch my rom can you tell me how


Download Lunar IPS and apply patch

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You can also use any previous version of the Pellsson rom as your original rom file


I've discovered a bug @pellsson

If you hit B for second quest after completing 8-4 the screen becomes very glitchy.


Thank you for all of your work on this. This will help me out so much.


The audit log confirms he has deleted his posts and deactivated his account.


does anyone have any idea as to why?

u/yayvideogames vibes


Something that happened in discord involving what he had to say about the SMB1 mods.


To clarify, it was the general chat in the 2D Mario discord and what he said was directed at the discord mods, which are none of the SMB1 mods here on src. It's unknown why he deleted his src account, but what he said in the discord was unfortunately worth banning.

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