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Just wondering why clone consoles aren’t allowed I have a retron and just wanted some feedback

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One reason is that they run at a alternative framerate compared to NES etc.
Another reason is that some consoles don’t react the same as an NES, an example can be that while playing on an OG NES, Allowed emulator etc. (like all the platforms allowed to speedrun on) when the screen is in the bowser section and when bowser throws too many hammers for the game to handle, it lags whereas in many other consoles (which aren’t allowed) it does not.
Take an example of the ‘game and watch’, it isn’t allowed as it runs at an alternative framerate compared to NES. Certain other consoles have other reasons for why they are not allowed. Hope this helped and sry for long paragraph lol



Why just not make a separate category for clone consoles not everyone has the actual nes I myself have a clone console I haven't played it on regular nes for a long time I only have it on clone consoles I can't afford a regular nes why can't you just make a separate category for clone consoles why is it such a hassle


for the not everyone having a NES problems we have allowed emulators i guess lol, that also works
also i dont know what they are, but anyways a subcategory for those "clone consoles" sounds like could also be a good idea beside the main leaderboard if all of those clone consoles have the same framerate and stuff


All clone consoles almost don't have the same framerate and can emulate the game differently. There are hundreds of clone consoles out there and there is no way mods can test them all. Also, making a category for the exact same game with the same exact goal? No lol they won't do it


oh welp i see how it goes
i mean the idea was a subcategory in the main category, like for being the same goals but in diferent platfrom just
but if each clone console of hundreds that there are have its own framerule propeties for itself individualy, in a console that is going to recive like 0 attention in comparition to the main leaderboard; it wouldnt realy make a lot of sense to create subcategories for every clone console lol

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the new retron 1 AV (the one that came out in 2021) is the most accurate. accurate sound, the color palette is maybe a little off, and it does have the same framerules and does have the same lag and sprite limit. I think if any should be allowed, it should be the retron 1 AV. the retron 5 using software emulation is extremely accurate as well, but it's using a normal emulator, so virtually no lag.

anyways, it's not up to us anyway. it's up to the mods. if the mods choose to test all of the clone consoles in the background, then that's on them. not on us.