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I have been reading some threads in this forum and I have a small question. Playing SMB in PAL is slower and different, but the game or the console? I mean, is it possible for me to buy an everdrive to play the game in a pal console with a NTSC rom and it will work good or do I have to buy a original NTSC console to run the game properly. Thanks in advance and I hope I have made this clear, English is not my main language.


The PAL console actually runs at a lower framerate and clock speed for all games, so unfortunately you will need to buy an NTSC console to play the NTSC version of the game properly. We wouldn't accept runs done with the PAL version on NTSC or the NTSC version on PAL.


Wait - does that mean when I load up the PAL rom in powerpak on my NES (Frontloader) that it's not the same as true "PAL"?

If so - mind blown

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