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I had the idea of speedruning this game with a nes advantage controller for a YouTube video. If I don’t use turbo ( and prove it with a hand cam or something of that nature) would I be aloud to upload that run to the boards?


i think you in rules all the consoles and emulators that are allowed, look there prob


NES advantage is a type of controller


I would be using a nes


ooooooh okey i missreaded it lol my fault
yea i think any controller is allowed that cant press left+right at the same time (actualy any controller if you play on emulator because you disable l+r lol)


Ok thanks.

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You can play with literally anything you want as long as it doesn't let you turbo or L+R


I think joysticks, good ones, might be on to something, quickly switching left and right, and precise button taps, but those are modern ones with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts etc on an emulator. I was going to try it, but figured it would be exhausting on the hands eventually and the less hand movement the better for speed running.

I think a custom joystickless board with all buttons and a good layout for smb would be even more interesting, if someone took the time to master it.

I don't think nes advantage was a well made stick though. I remember Kosmic streamed it once and it didn't perform well.