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In the first place of the game currently by somewes, (I have not seen the full things as of this post) I noticed that in level 1-1 he exited the pipe at 380 and jumped out with 378. Is this normal?

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Nope, he jumped out with a 379


I was wondering if you can exit pipe collecting all first layer of coins and have 380 when on nestopia (mac). I get 179 4/5 times. Would you have some tips to get 180 more often ?


Press right ASAP and land on the top block ASAP.

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Jump at the end in such a way that you just barely get past the corner of the block, then press left to slow down so that you touch the ground before entering the pipe

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I know most people do it but does pressing left at pipe lose a frame?


technically yes, but due to framerules (the concept that you can only lose/gain time in increments of 21 frames), it usually won’t lose any time at all

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I was just wondering if not doing it for the 380 pipe entry would help save the fpg framerule, make for a better underground, probably would but maybe not worth it as far as consistency.


A 379 can still save the framerule but it needs to be a high 379.


But can't some slow 380s still lose it?


if you don’t enter the pipe to the coin cash as soon as possible, then yeah some 380s might lose the framerule

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On pressing left:

Pressing left in the underground is actually the most optimal way (I mean, like you have to press left a certain amount in order to get the perfect underground, whilst not pressing left will objectively give a best underground possible of 1 frame slower than what is possible if you press left) to get 380, and it's usually more consistent and easier to do. To answer your question, pressing left at that specific pipe will NOT lose any time, and if done properly, can actually be faster than the no slow down method.

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Thanks a lot ! I will try all these right away.
I sometimes get 380 no slow down but I just didn't get that you need to press left.
Thanks again
Lul_ecks_dee I watch you're streams too ! You're AldynSpeedruns.

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As somewes is trying for the, if he's perfect up to 4-2, gets the 4-2 clip, but doesn't save the framerule, is he continuing on to try to beat his record with a faster 8-4? Or does he abort? Or does this happen so infrequently that we don't know?

I mean, would be really really hard without the 4-2 framerule, but he could still beat his record by frames in 8-4.



Yeah if he doesn't get 4-2, or gets bad judges he's going for a really good 8-4 to try and get a 455

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I have a question, im thinking of starting to speedrun this game and i want to know if its required to use a original nes controller, can someone please tell me.

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It's better to create a new post rather than commenting on an old post unrelated to your topic.

That being said, no you don't have to use an NES controller - you can see the official rules on the "Rules" button on the leaderboard, but I copy/pasted it below...

To summarize the rules, you need to do (1) video record your run starting with the reset and (2) Use the actual console or one of the listed approved emulators

However, you can use a third party controller... it's probably a bad idea, since all third party controllers I'm aware of are worse than the originals, but go for it. Also if you're playing on emulator you can, of course, use a keyboard.


Beat the game as fast as possible by any means necessary.

Timing is done using the SDA standard:
Start - The frame "400" appears in the top right corner after selecting 1 player.
End - The frame all sprites are invisible after touching the axe in 8-4.

Approved hardware/software (please specify in the run comment):
- Original NES, Famicom or FDS
- Original NES or Famicom with Everdrive or Powerpak
- Wii, Wii U, Switch and 3DS Virtual Console
- FCEUX, Nestopia, Bizhawk, OpenEMU
- NES Classic Edition
- Analogue NT Mini

Important rules (please read before submitting):
- All times require a video.
- Turbo/Autofire and left+right/up+down are banned.
- Times below 5:00.00 are treated with suspicion. It is highly recommended that you stream all of your attempts and provide split files to have your run accepted.
- Times below 5:00.00 require an input file if you are playing on an emulator that can record input files.
- Using savestates to the title screen is prohibited. You must use the reset function on your emulator or console and the reset must be shown in the video.

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Thanks a lot!