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I know that this idea may sound kinda crazy, but it would be kinda cool if we had a leaderboard for our sums of best. It could be a category extension, and submissions would include a video of the player getting the fastest framerule they can get in each level in combination with their 8-4 il PB spliced into one run. Obviously, the splices must be inbetween levels and can't be in the middle of levels. So, what do you guys think? Should we create a leaderboard for our sums of best?

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This website exists for only RTA runs. Your suggestion falls outside of the scope of this website. Spliced, segmented, TAS runs are all not RTA. Such projects can be hosted elsewhere.

I'll admit, I don't totally understand this whole infatuation with sum of bests with folks putting it in their Discord names and on Twitter. It's not a useless statistic by any means, but it's just theoretical data.

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A spliced run leaderboard would be interesting though, I must admit...

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i think it should be fine, moto x3m winter has a SOB leaderboard,

I get thats its an unpopular game, but it still has the leaderboard
if other games have it i think it should be added

also, another catagory idea, each level RTA, but where the timing ends upon touching the flagpole, so framerules dont matter, fast accels could be used to save time RTA with this catagory, basicly each IL with 8-4 timing style

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How do you demonstrate your sum of best, then? You'd need each video of each of your best stage attempts separately in the submission, because you can be sure that data will most definitely not be sufficient evidence, nor would it be viewed as conclusive evidence. Anyone can run LiveSplit without necessarily running the game. And editing the videos together could open the door to potential cheating.

That would make about... 8 videos for any%, and 32 videos for warpless. I personally think none of the mods would want to put up with that, first because they've already got their hands full with submissions as it is, and second because it would hardly be worth it if the demand represents merely a slim minority of the community.

Imagine if a runner posts a warpless SOB run with timing inconsistencies because they understood the timing regulations poorly. The mod reviewing this would then have to go and retime each and every of the 32 videos in there? No one in their right mind would agree to that sort of thankless work. And then what if the mod rejects the run? The runner will either complain about it, or resubmit it, probably with errors still. Which would yield the same result, and ultimately frustrations on all sides.

I personally vote no, because to me, it just seems like an excuse to get a new shiny trophy. And in my opinion, if you're speedrunning solely for trophies, you're doing it wrong.

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